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Zum Auffrischen und Schmunzeln . . .

. . . sind diese Museums-Seiten hier gedacht, denn viele wissen nicht mehr oder noch nicht, wie es damals angefangen hat und wie das wirklich funktioniert mit den Tonband- und den Magnetbandgeräten aus alter Zeit. Viele Bilder können Sie durch Anklicken vergrößern, auch dieses.

Was ist an dieser Zeitschrift so besonders herausragend ?

Die Zeitschrift "audio record" wird von einem Hersteller von sogenannten "record blanks", also "Schneidfolien" für Schallplattenaufnahmen herausgegeben, also nicht von einem Verlag. Und die "audio record" begann im Juli 1945, als ein Teil des 2. Weltkrieges gerade so rum war, aber der Pazific-Krieg noch andauerte. Diese Firma mußte sich dann notegdrungen (und vermutlich auch widerwillig) mit der deutschen Entwicklung des Magnetophons befassen, denn es war für einigermaßen kluge Manager abzusehen, daß das Magnetband die Platte irgendwann (also in wenigen Jahren) überrunden würde. Dabei hatten diese Nazi-Deutschen doch eben erst den Krieg verloren und jetzt  macht deren "Vermächtnis" einer US-Firma das Leben (den sicher geglaubten Goldesel) so schwer. Die allererste US-Magnetbandgeräte- Liste erschien in der letzten 1949er Ausgabe, und die steht noch im Hifi-Museum.



17 East 45th St. New York 17, N. Y. - Das ist der Importeuer für BUTOBA.

Butoba Portable Recorder $ 345.00
50-9,000 cycles (±3 db)
Portable, transistorised, dual-track, battery-operated re* corder with push-button controls. Driven by special spring-wound motor with elapsed-time indicator. Tape speeds: 3 3/4" and 1 7/8". Running time is 20 and 40 minutes respectively. Multi-purpose head: record and playback-erase. Volume level indicator is magic eye tube. Playback through built-in oval speaker or external amplifier. Telephone conversation recorder adapter optional.

Selectophorf Tape-Record-Player $ 379.50
40-12,000 cycles (±2db)
Selectophon is a tape-record-player which records up to 6 hours on a 35 mm endless tape and plays 33, 45 and 78 rpm records. Built-in amplifier and speaker.


7230 Clinton Rd. Upper Darby 23, Pa.

Continuous Tape Player $ 730.- - $ 830.-
40-15,000 cycles at 7 1/2"/sec.
40-8,000 cycles at 3 3/4"/sec.

Heavy-duty rack type tape phonograph for providing up to 8 hours of unattended, background music without repetition. Two speeds. Automatic reversal and shut-off with unmodified tape. Automatic, continuous recycling or shut-off controlled by switch on panel. Simple controls, light tape tension. Easy and precise head alignment. Signal-to-noise, better than 50db at 7 1/2"/sec. Hysteresis synchronous capstan motor and two 4-pole torque motors. Max. reel size, 14". Price depends on type of amplifier and number of speeds desired.

Including Perfectone and amplifier $ 835.- $ 1010.-

This is a complete package consisting of the Perfectone, cabinet and power amplifier. The 7/32" crystal glass cover rests on a sponge rubber gasket to exclude dirt and dust. The mechanism pivots for easy access. Price depends on number of speeds and type of amplifier desired.

The new Autosperser has two Perfectone tape players, a control panel for either wired or multiplex service, and an Adcaster tape player for storecasting or similar special services. The Adcaster provides up to 30 minutes of recorded commercial on one track and automatically rewinds and cues to first commercial when played through. The twelve-station programming cycle repeats automatically. Automatic standby. New Autosperser-24 System available that is identical to standard Autosperser System excepting control panel has 24-station programming cycle.

The Consecutor System is comprised of two Perfectone 8-hour machines and a control panel. For unattended operation in broadcast or wired service. Operating cycle: Machine #1 plays track A, reverses, plays track B, reverses, shuts off, starts machine #2. Machine #2 performs same cycle and restarts machine #1. Automatic standby. Provision for manual operation so that tapes may be changed without interrupting program.

Consists of two identical Perfectone automatic 8-hour tape-handling mechanisms arranged for unlimited variation of program continuity by the automatic inter-mixture of the music content of any two reels. Automatically stops one mechanism and starts the other whenever 30 seconds or more of silence occurs on the tape being played. Permits up to 16 hours of music without repetition. Cycling fully automatic. Automatic standby.


71O0 McCormick Road Chicago 45, Ill.

Model 600-M Mahogany $ 329.50
Model 600-B Blond Oak $ 344.50
Model 600-L Plywood $ 329.50

50-15,000 cycles at 7  1/2"/sec.

New portable stereo recorder with 7 and 3 ips speeds. Monaural record/playback and stereo playback. Twin builtin, extended-range, side-mounted 8" speakers reproduce both monaural and stereo tapes. Three-motor drive. Two-position selector dial for monaural/stereo. Push button controls. Fast forward and rewind. Twin record-level indicators. Resettable program indicator. Wow and flutter less than 0.2% at 7 1/2 ips. Harmonic distortion less than 1%. Signal-to-noise ratio exceeds 40db minimum. Cut-off mechanism automatically stops reel at end of tape on record or playback. Two inputs; microphone; radio/phonograph/TV. Two outputs for external speakers. Weight: 45 lbs.

Model 730GS Stereo Portable $ 269.50

50-15,000 cycles
Portable monaural recorder and playback instrument equipped with stereophonic in-line playback head, stereophonic output jack. Tape speeds: 7 an d3"/sec - Stereophonic playback through companion amplifier speaker, or radio, phonograph, TV with preamplifier. Round 10-inch speaker positions 2 ways. Automatic reel stop. 3-motor operations. Rewinds 1200 feet in 60 seconds. Less than 3% distortion at 7 watts. Wow and flutter below 0.2% maximum at 7 1/2 ips. Signal-to-noise ratio above 40db minimum. Electromagnetic pushbutton controls. Accidental erasure interlock. Accurate resettable program indicator. External amplifier and speaker jacks. Dimensions: 16" x 17" x 9". Weight: 39 lbs.

Model 775G Portable $ 199.95
50-13,000 cycles (±4 db) at 7"/sec.
Two-speed, dual track portable tape recorder taking reels up to 7" diam. Five-button control. Two 5 1/4" speakers. Three-position switch for normal, monitor or public address operation. Runs at 7" or 3" speeds. Twin-level recording guides. Special pause control eliminates usual clicks when starting or stopping. Single knob for tone control. 5-watt amplifier. Distortion less than 1%. Signal-to-noise ratio more than 40db. Wow and flutter less than 0.5% at 7"/sec. Weight: 38lbs.

Model 770G Monaural Portable $ 169.95
Model 771 "Stereotone" Stereo Portable $ 199.95
Model 076318 Amplifier-speaker $ 99.95

Two-speed, dual track monaural portable. Five pushbutton controls. Two 5-inch speakers. Tape speeds: 7 1/2 and 3J4 ips- Recording level guide. Play and Record pushbuttons interlocked to prevent accidental erasures. Fact rewind: 1200 feet in 80 seconds. Distortion less than 1%. Signal-to-noise ratio more than 40db. Wow and flutter less than .5%. Input for microphone, radio, phonograph or TV. Output jack for external speaker. Dimensions: 10" x 15" x 15". Weight 33 lbs.

Model 771 is same as above except for stereo playback head. Has three output jacks: for stereo playback through 076318 amplifier-speaker, for monaural playback through external speaker, for monaural playback through 076318 amplifier-speaker.


555 Marion Road Columbus 7, Ohio

Tape Transport
T210 $ 109.95
T211 $ 119.95
T212 $ 129.95
T213 $ 149.95
T216 $ 259.95
T218 $ 314.95

RP120 Record/Playback Pre-Amplifier $59.95
P 100 Playback Pre-Amplifier $39.95
25-12,000 cycles (±2 db) overall record-playback extends to 15,000 cycles playback only

A basic tape transport providing almost unlimited flexibility. Three motors. Two speeds: 7 1/2 and 3 3/4. Signal-to-noise ratio is better than 50db. Flutter less than 0.25%. Distortion less than 1%. Has index counter, power off-on switch, piano-key controls, micro-switch automatic stop.
Available in following combinations:
T-210: monaural record /playback;
T-211: monaural and stereo playback;
T-212: monaural record/playback and stereo playback;
T-213: monaural record/playback and stereo record/playback; (above models require matching pre-amplifiers);
T-216: incorporates Model
T-212 with P-100 and RP-120 in portable carrying case.

Model 218 stereo recorder incorporates T-213 and 2 RP-120 in portable carrying case.

Model BT-205-1B Monaural Record with inline Stereo Playback $224.50
New 3-motor, dual track portable tape recorder. Two speeds, 7 1/2 and 3". Has positive braking, and piano-key controls. Power output is 5 watts. Tape lifter removes tape from heads during Stop and High Speeds. Wow and flutter is less than 0.25% at 7 1/2 ips. Automatic interlock prevents accidental erasure. Original equipment includes microphone, empty 5" reel and full reel of tape.

Model T-207-S Home Stereo System $695.50
New home stereo system that includes stereo/monaural tape recorder and two matching amplifier-speakers. Tape speeds: 7J/2 and 3% ips- Electro-mechanical keyboard controls. Stereo switch for inline or offset. VU index counter. Three-motor direct drive. Positive braking. Wow and flutter less than 0.2%. Signal-to-noise ratio better than 50 db. Two twin cone 8" wide range speakers. Inputs: two microphone, two radio/phono. Outputs: four 4-, 8-, 16-ohms, high impedance, one AC outlet. Recorder in portable case weighs 52 lbs.


P.O. Box 500 Paramus, N. J.

Model TR-30 $ 449.50

40-15,000 cycles at 15" /sec.
50-10,000 cycles at 7 1/2"/sec.
New low-cost professional type monaural /stereo playback recording unit. Has direct-drive hysteresis synchronous capstan motor and two torque motors; dynamic braking. Two speeds: 15 and 7 ips. Other features are: push button function switches, slot loading, automatic tape lift in high speed, three separate heads, two self-contained pre-amplifiers (one converts from record to play for stereo playback), volume level meter, microphone and tuner inputs, earphone monitor jack. Wow and flutter is 0.2% at 15 ips. Signal-to-noise is 50 db. Panel size is 19" x 12".


P.O. Box 149 Beacon, N. Y.

Tapak (tape-pack)

Duplex Musicale $ 389.25

100-9,000 cycles at 7 1/2"/sec,
The spring-powered equivalent of conventional electric tape recorders featuring the new Gyro Drive mechanical wow and flutter filter for recording serious music. Records, erases, monitors, rewinds at high speed, plays back through built-in 4" x 6" loudspeaker, or will feed an external amplifier or public address system. Has unitized amplifier with transistorized AC bias oscillator for low battery drain and extended frequency range. Speed 7 1/2" per second. Range 55-58 db.

Duplex Newscaster $ 349.50
Newscaster is same as Duplex Musicale without Gyro Drive. Speed 7 1/2" per second (3 3/4" optional).

Triplex Musicale $ 438.75
Same as Duplex Musicale with the addition of a VU meter and 600 ohm output. Serves as a line preamplifier for microphone, or plays back tapes to line at zero level. Speed 7 1/2" Per second. Range 55-58 db.

Triplex Newscaster $ 399.75
Newscaster is same as Triplex Musicale without Gyro Drive.

Simplex Newscaster $ 289.50
100-6,000 cycles at 7 1/2"/sec
The budget Tapak for general use. Records, rewinds at high speed, crystal microphone doubles as listening device, feeds external amplifier or phonograph input of radio for speaker reproduction. Recording characteristics for NARTB on studio equipment or home recorders. Speed 7 1/2" per second (3 3/4" optional). Range 35-40 db.

Pocketape $ 349.50
150-6,000 cycles at 7 1/2"/sec.
150-4,000 cycles at 3 3/4"/sec.
150-3,000 cycles at 1 7/8"/sec.
Pocket-size compatible subminiature transistor tape recorder-reproducer.

"Investigator" model records at changeable speeds of 7 or 3ips on dual tracks totaling 2 hours or 1 hour respectively on 600' of ]/4" tape.

"Broadcaster" model records 90-mil track at 7 1/2 ips for 15 continuous minutes. Erases, records, rewinds instantly and plays back. Interlocks prevent mistakes. Microphone doubles as listening device. Signal-to-noise ratio: 50db. Motion at 7 1/2" ips suitable for music. Twelve hour motor batteries. Size: 1 172" x 4" x 6"- Weight: 2lbs.


Hollywood and Vine Hollywood 28, California

Model 850 Stereo Portable $ 249.95

80-12,000 cycles (±5db) at 7 1/2"/sec.
New portable tape recorder complete with two external speakers. Records monaurally, plays back monaural and stereo tapes. Speeds: 7 and 3 ips. Push-button controls. Stereo balance and hum balance adjustments. Monitor switch, tape runout switch and recording safety lock. Wow and flutter is less than 3%. Signal-to-noise ratio is 42db. Peak power output: 5 watts/channel. Two external speaker outputs; two inputs for radio-phono and microphone. Dimensions: 15" x 11" x 9" Weight: 42 lbs.


799 Seventh Avenue, New York 19, N. Y.

Portable Stereo Recorder Model 570 $249.95

60-12,000 cycles at 7 1/2"/ sec,
Complete portable stereophonic playback and monaural recorder with in-line heads. Consists of two matching units, one containing two amplifiers and one set of speakers and the other containing one set of speakers and storage space for tapes. Push-button control with neon level indicators for recording. Each amplifier capable of 3 watts undistorted, for a total of 6 watts of output. Contains two 7" oval speakers and two 4" tweeters. Tape index counter, balancing control and automatic shut-off after completion of tape. Microphone and balancing tape provided with each unit. Cases covered with saddle stitched, washable vinyl.

Portable Stereo Recorder Model 575 $ 329.95
50-14,000 cycles at 7 1/2"sec.
Amplifiers have total output of 15 watts. Contains two 8" speakers and two 4" tweeters. Cases are covered with Neolite. Otherwise same as above.

  • Anmerkung : Es ist erstaunlich, daß auch die großen und kleinen Schallplattenfirmen auf den Magnetband-Zug aufspringen wollten. Allermeist hatten sie es nicht geschafft, nicht mal die große RCA hatte es geschafft, im Consumer-Markt nennenswerte Marktanteile zu erringen.


(15) De JUR AMSCO CORP. (der amerik. GRUNDIG Vertrieb)

45-01 Northern Blvd., Long Island City 1, N. Y.

Stenorette Dictating and Transcribing Machine $ 179.50
ample for voice communication
A dictating transcribing machine that uses "Mylar" magnetic tape. Push-button controls. Duplicate set of controls on microphone/speaker for start, stop, automatic review, electronic erase and correction. Functions perfectly in a moving car (with transformer). Has built-in conference setting for recording groups. Recording time - 30 minutes per reel. Transcription accessories - foot pedal control or typewriter control - features remote control backspacer for quick review. Dimensions: 11 x 9" x 4". Weight: 12lbs.

(16) DELMONICO INTERNATIONAL (der amerik. SAJA Vertrieb)

42-24 Orchard St. Long Island City, New York

Saja MK-5 Portable Recorder $ 129.95

50-16,000 cycles at 7 1/2"/sec.
New two-speed West German portable recorder. Speeds are 7 and 3 ips. Two speakers. Illuminated function indicators. Single knob control. Double effect button for recording over a recording. Automatic end-of-tape shut-off. Magic eye record level indicator. Pause control for record and playback. Lock prevents accidental erase. Dimensions: 15" x 12" x 7". Weight: 40lbs.


420 Lexington Avenue New York 17, N. Y.

Dictet Portable Recorder $ 294.00

200-4,000 cycles
Miniature, dual-track, magazine loaded, magnesium case tape recorder. Powered by two 7-volt mercury batteries for motor, and separate battery for transistor amplifier. Battery life: 20 hours for motor, 40 for amplifier. Battery life indicators. Magazine has self-adjusting spindles; automatic stop at end of reel. Records at 2 ips; 30 minutes recording time on each side of magazine. Wow and flutter: 2.25%. Signal-to-noise: 45db. Magnetic microphone is both microphone and monitor speaker. Motor operates only when mike is plugged in. Dimensions: 2" x 4" x 6". Weight: 2lbs.

Dictatape Continuous Recorder $ 3.200.00 (sehr ähnlich zu Assmann)

300-2,700 cycles (±3 db) at 1 7/8"/sec.
Multi-channel recorder that permits simultaneous recording of four separate signals on a standard 1/4" magnetic tape. Up to 16 hours continuous unattended recording. Speed: 1 7/8 ips. Instant start and stop. Six motors. Separate reproduce heads and amplifier provide playback on either unit while recording. Automatic safeguards prevent accidental erase. Harmonic distortion: 5% or less at 1,000 cps. Flutter: 1%. Fast forward and rewind.

(18) ELECTRONIC APPLICATIONS (Importeur für Revox und Kudelski)

194 Richmond Hill Avenue Stamford, Conn.

ReVox C36

ReVox C36-2K Monaural Portable $349.00
Model C-362S Stereo Portable $399.00

40-12,000 cycles (+1 -2db)
15,000 -3db max. at 7 1/2"/sec.
50-8,000 cycles at 3 3/4"/sec.

Single or dual track models; two speeds 3 and 7 ips, portable; three motors; separate recording and playback amplifiers; wow and flutter at 7"Ps 0,15- 0,20% max.; signal to noise 50db or better at normal levels; 3.5-watt amplifier; 8" coaxial speaker; push button operation; tuning eye recording level indicator; tape counter; end-of-tape switch-off; connections for external speaker, amplifier, or remote control; up to 10" reels; (also nochkeine 26,5cm Spulen !!!) dimensions: 18" x ll" x 13"; weight: 46lbs.
Model C-36 2S is same as above plus stereo playback; equalized outputs from both channels; cathode followers; no speakers contained.


NAGRA III B, C, E (Prices depending on model)$ 600.00 to $ 850.00
30-15,000 cycles (±2 db) at 15"/sec.
40-12,000 cycles (±2 db) at 7 1/2"/sec.
50-8,000 cycles at 3 3/4"/sec.
Portable, professional, completely transistorized unit, available as model B with three speeds (3, 7 and 15 ips) and as model E at 7"/sec - Type B and E contain three heads, model III C has two heads. Speed constancy 0.2% or better; wow and flutter 0.1% at 15 ips or 0.2% at 7 ips; signal to noise 55db or better; meter for battery condition and level; outputs 3 volts at 600 ohms balanced; self-contained monitor speaker; "speech" filter built in; all normal mike inputs plus 2 line mixers; motor speed servo-controlled; operates from any 12 volt source or self-contained batteries. Accessories available.
Prices depending on model: $600.00 to $850.00.


1818 M St., N. W. Washington 6, D. C.

MONITOR 2-Channel Portable

Model E-3 $297.08
Model E-3C Console $ 280.07
Model E-3CS Console $ 273.05

50-9,000 cycles (±3db) at 3 4/4"/sec.
Professional language laboratory recorder, dual track, unique "split" amplifier performs simultaneous playback and recording function on separate tracks, distinctive in aural/oral laboratory work. Selector switch modes for listen/record, dual playback, master record, master play, duplicate. Volume level meter, separate record/play heads with azimuth adjustment, bias 60KC, signal to noise 45 db or over at 3% harmonic distortion. Model E-3C for console mounting, all components mounted on Yh" aluminum panel, size 19 x 11 x 5%, weight 15 lbs. Special feature: multiple installations have remote control tape duplication facility. Model E-3CS is same as Model E-3C except for omission of master record and master play selector switch modes.

MONITORET 2-Channel Recorder Model E-4 $ 247.00
Language laboratory recorder, dual parallel tracks, a "stripped-down" version of Monitor E-3 with same characteristics except only two selector switch modes for listen/record and dual playback. Model E-4C for console mounting.


Melbourne, Fla.

Privateer Mark VIII $379.00

to 3,500 cycles at l 7/8"/sec.
Portable dual track tape recorder, self-contained rechargeable batteries. Rewind electric. No batteries to replace. Battery charger separate unit but included in price. Units may be operated in covert fashion in briefcase from external concealed switch and making use of external concealed microphone. Available accessories include input level indicator, headset, external microphone, telephone recording adaptor.

777 Series Battery Portables
Tapo Model 777 (blue)|$ 295.00|3,500 - l 7/8"/sec.
Traveler Model 777-1 (brown)|$ 298.50|6,000 - 3 3/4"/sec.
Tempo Madel 777-2 (gray)|$ 314.00|12,000 - 7 1/2"/sec.

Portable dual track tape recorders with completely self-contained battery powered tape transport, amplifier and speaker for playback. Rechargeable battery cycle up to eight hours depending on tape speed. Has self-contained battery recharger. May be operated on 110 AC. Rewind is electric: speed 10 to 1. Maximum reel size, 5". May be operated with door open or closed. Monitors while recording. Inputs for microphone and headphone monitoring. Crystal or ceramic microphone included. Accessories include snap-on retractable legs, canvas carrying case and shoulder strap. Weight 21 lbs. Size 6" x 10" x 15".


106 Fifth Ave., New York 11, N. Y.

Fen-Tone Brenell Mark IV Tape Deck
Mark IV (monaural) $ 144.47
Mark IV/B (stereo) $ 182.87

30-15,000 cycles (±3 db) at 15"/sec.
50-12,000 cycles (±3 db) at 7 1/2"/sec.
50-6,500 cycles (±3 db) at 3 3/4"/sec.

Three-speed tape decks for monaural and stereophonic record/playback, with three-motor drive. All mount up to four heads with individual azimuth adjustment. Capstan-sleeve speed change. Dual half-track operation for up to 7" reels. Two-knob control, fully interlocked. Wow and flutter, less than 0.2%. Fast forward and rewind, 45 sec. for 1200 ft. Monaural deck can be converted to stereo or sound-on-sound recording by installing additional heads. Can be used with PRO-2 amplifier.


Sole U.S. Agents ERCONA CORP. 16 W. 46 St. New York 36, N. Y.
Custom Installation

Model 66/N (3-7 ips) $ 399.50
Model 66/H (7-15 ips) $ 425.00
Portable Model 3A/N (3-7 ips) $ 379.50
Model 3A/NH (7-15 ips) $ 425.00

40-15,000 cycles (±2 db) at 15"/sec.
50-10,000 cycles (±2 db) at 7 1/2"/sec.
Dual-speed, dual-track recorders for portable or custom installation, manufactured by British Ferrograph Recorder Co., Ltd. of London. Accommodates up to 8 1/4" reels. Signal-to-noise ratio, better than 50db, 200-12,000 cps; 45db unweighted (including hum). Wow and flutter less than 0.2% at 7"/sec. Longterm speed stability, better than 0.5%. Erase and Bias frequency, 53,000 cps. Inputs: Two 1 megohm and 0.1 megohm respectively. Outputs: Two; 0.75 volts at 0.1 megohm for external amplifier; 15 ohms at 2 watts (undistorted). 3 motors including hysteresis synchronous drive. "Ferrodexer" counter, clock type with zero setting, factory installed $ 20.00 additional. Master control switch for permanent inputs and outputs. Weight: 45 lb.

Stereo Model 35/N (33/4-7y, ips) $ 475.00
Stereo Model 3S/H (7 1/2-15 ips) $ 520.00
"Stere-ad" Unit $ 195.00

Model 3S- data on this model identical with 3A Series above except for addition of stereo playback. Signals from stacked stereo head may be fed into external dual amplifiers via an equalization chain for each section or to a "Stere-ad" unit which provides all power output for stereo replay requiring only a suitable speaker system. Weights: Model 3S: 49 lb. "Stere-ad" unit: 12 lb.

Model 88 Stereo record and playback $ 595.00
40-15,000 cycles (±2 db) at 15 "/sec.
50-10,000 cycles (±2 db) at 7 1/2"/sec.

Portable recorder for stereo recording and playback manufactured by British Ferrograph Recorder Co., Ltd. of London. Signal-to-noise ratio, better than 50db, 200-12,000 cps; 45db unweighted (including hum). Wow and flutter, less than 0.2% at 7"/sec. Longterm speed stability, better than 0.5%. Erase and bias frequency, 53,000 cps. Accommodates up to 8 1/4" reels. Twin recording amplifiers and twin replay preamps terminating at 3 milliwatts across 600 ohms (balanced). Switched VU level meter provides proper recording levels for each track which is served by dual inputs (1 megohm and 0.1 megohm 0.003 V peak and 0.1 V peak respectively). "Ferrodexer" counter, clock type with zero setting, factory installed $20.00 additional. Weight: 48 lb.

E.M.I. Battery Portable $ 395.00
Model L2A (3 3/4 ips)
Model L2B (7 1/2, ips)
Model L2C (15 ips)
50-7,000 cycles (±2 db) at 15"/sec.
50-5,000 cycles (±2 db) at 7 1/2"/sec.
50-2,500 cycles (±2 db) at 3 3/4"/sec.
Battery-operated recorder manufactured by "Electrical & Musical Industries", Ltd. of England. Accommodates 5" reels and requires no external power source. Signal-to-noise, better than 45db unweighted, when replayed on high quality studio equipment. Wow, less than 0.2% at 15"/sec, 0.25% at 7 1/2"/sec. and 0.3% at 3"/sec. Separate recording and playback heads and amplifiers for monitoring and instantaneous playback. VU meter for recording level. Manually operated geared rewind device to conserve battery life. Operates with cover closed. Weight, 14 lbs- complete.


1 Park Avenue New York 16, N. Y.

Teltape Recorder $29.95 (neunundzwandig Dollar !!!)

up to 4,000 cycles
Transistorized portable recorder with variable speed control. Operates on four type C flashlight batteries. Plays for 16 minutes with 3" reel containing 300 feet of 1/4" magnetic tape. Erase head can be swung out of the way so that erase is optional. Instant braking, fast rewind, automatic slack take-up. Plays back through headset furnished with recorder. Weight: 2 lbs.

  • Anmerkung : Das war also das "Billigste", das irgendwie aus Japan nach USA rüber kam, fast wie bei uns in Deutschland. - Und wie bei uns - alle hatten gelacht, wer solchen Mist wohl kaufen würde. Und sie hatten sich ebenso verrechnet, die Japaner lernten extrem schnell und kamen in wenigen Jahren mit aller Macht und hervorragenden Produkten - zuerst nach USA, machten dort alles platt und dann kamen sie auch zu uns und lächelten auch unsere Hersteller in Grund und Boden.



243 Broadway New York 7, N. Y.

GBC PT/13 Recorder $169.50 (einschließlich dem MagischenAuge !!)

75-7,500 cycles at 3 3/4"/sec.
New dual track, dual speed Italian portable recorder. Speeds: 3" and 1". "Picture" push buttons for fast rewind, playback, stop, record, fast forward. Magic eye volume indicator. Built-in loudspeaker. Undistorted power output: 2 watts. 80 minutes maximum recording time. Size in case: 5 x 10 x 11. Weight: 12lbs.

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