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Zum Auffrischen und Schmunzeln . . .

. . . sind diese Museums-Seiten hier gedacht, denn viele wissen nicht mehr oder noch nicht, wie es damals angefangen hat und wie das wirklich funktioniert mit den Tonband- und den Magnetbandgeräten aus alter Zeit. Viele Bilder können Sie durch Anklicken vergrößern, auch dieses.

Was ist an dieser Zeitschrift so besonders herausragend ?

Die Zeitschrift "audio record" wird von einem Hersteller von sogenannten "record blanks", also "Schneidfolien" für Schallplattenaufnahmen herausgegeben, also nicht von einem Verlag. Und die "audio record" begann im Juli 1945, als ein Teil des 2. Weltkrieges gerade so rum war, aber der Pazific-Krieg noch andauerte. Diese Firma mußte sich dann notegdrungen (und vermutlich auch widerwillig) mit der deutschen Entwicklung des Magnetophons befassen, denn es war für einigermaßen kluge Manager abzusehen, daß das Magnetband die Platte irgendwann (also in wenigen Jahren) überrunden würde. Dabei hatten diese Nazi-Deutschen doch eben erst den Krieg verloren und jetzt  macht deren "Vermächtnis" einer US-Firma das Leben (den sicher geglaubten Goldesel) so schwer. Die allererste US-Magnetbandgeräte- Liste erschien in der letzten 1949er Ausgabe, und die steht noch im Hifi-Museum.



South 17th St. & Mishawaka Rd. Elkhart, Ind.
Das waren die Anfänge von CORWN bzw. "Crown of America". Die CROWM Produkte impertierte bei uns die Firma Audio. Intl. in Frankfurt Bonames.

Crown Prince Dual Track $395.00
With In-Line Stereo Playback Added $480.00

20-30,000 cycles (±2 db) at 15"/sec.
20-20,000 cycles (±2 db) at 7 1/2"/sec.
20-10,000 cycles (±3 db) at 3 3/4"/sec.

All "Crown" series models have the following specifications: wow and flutter: .07% at 15 ips, .09% at V/i ips, .20% at 3% ips; Signal-to-noise ratio: 57 db at 15 ips, 54 db at 7 J/J ips, 44 db at 3J4 ips; Micro-Sync-Timing: 99.5% playing measured tape, 99.8% record-playback, synchronous motor, 99.75% shaded pole motor. They have: electro-magnetic brakes, "micro-linear" heads, cathode follower out, straight line threading, fast forward and rewind, reel locks, three speeds, white light for playback, red light for record. Crown Prince is rack-panel mounted unit measuring 19" x 14". Uses IOJ/2" reels. Safety record light and lock. High impedance microphone and phono input. Case optional. Portable. Half-track heads standard.

Crown Imperial Dual Track $495.00
With In-Line Stereo Playback Added $580.00

See "Crown" specifications above. Has 20 watt built-in amplifier. Two microphones and one phono high impedance input. 4-8-16 ohm output. Cathode follower out. Uses 10 1/2" reels. (bei uns die grßen 26,5cm Spulen) Portable.

Crown Broadcaster $435.00
Same as Crown Imperial except that it can use only up to 7 1/2" reels.

Crown-O-Matic $495.00 (mit 14" Spulen !!)
20-20,000 cycles (±2 db) at 7 1/2"/sec.
20-10,000 cycles (±3db) at 3 3/4"/sec.
See "Crown" specifications above. Two-speed (7 1/2 ips and 1 ips) unit for rack mounting. Has forced air cooling. Playback preamp. Cathode follower output. Plays sixteen hours without repeating on 14" !!! reels at 3/4 ips - Playback only.

Crown Royal $ 845. Less Case

20-30,000 cycles (±2 db) at 15" /sec.
20-20,000 cycles (±2 db) at 7 1/2" see.
20-10,000 cycles (±3 db) at 3 3/4"/see.
See "Crown" specifications above. The Crown Royal is a complete stereo recorder which records full or half track. Four microphone inputs and two 20-watt Hi-Fi output amplifiers. Heads are in line. Takes up to l0 1/2" reels. Portable.

"New" Gold Crown Series

Gold Crown Prince $ 425.00
With Stereo Playback Added $ 475.00

See "Crown" specfications above. Plug-in heads. Anodized aluminum construction. Constructed for rack and panel mounting. Modular design so units may be added to units. Engraved panels. Records and plays half-track monaural. Plays stereo to tvvc cathode follower outputs.

Gold Crown Imperial $ 520.00
With Stereo Playback Added $ 570.00

Gold Crown Prince plus an outboard power output amplifier. Records and plays monaural with 20 watt output.

Gold Crown Broadcaster $ 509.00
For broadcast station use. Records and plays full-track with full width heads and synchronous motor.

CROWN Professional

Stereo-X $ 695.00
See "Crown" specifications above. Records and plays stereo. Plug-in two or four track heads. Four microphone inputs. Two cathode follower outputs. All aluminum construction.

Gold Crown Royal $865.00
The Stereo-X, plus two-50 watt "micro-linear" output amplifiers.


9110 South 52nd Court, Oak Lawn, III.

Audikon Model V-12 amplifier and mechanism for rack or console mounting $595.00
Carrying Cases $60.00

20-20,000 cycles (±3db) at 15"/ sec.
30-15,000 cycles (±3db) at 7 1/2"/sec.
Two speed, dual track recorder with three-motor drive and electric push-button control via interlocked relays. Hysteresis synchronous direct-drive capstan. Separate record and playback heads permit monitoring from tape while recording. Head assembly has anti-dropout design and automatic tape lifter. Mixing inputs for 250-ohm balanced mike and 500,000 ohm unbalanced line. Cathode follower output, plus push-pull 8 watt monitor with independent loudness control: monitors at any level without affecting recording level. In-line stereo playback head with dual channel playback pre-amp circuitry allows stereo playback with any power amplifier to serve as second channel. Wow and flutter below 0.2% at 7 1/2 ips. Signal-to-noise ratio: 48db at 7 1/2 ips, 54db at 15 ips. Overall distortion is 1%. Rewind time: 1200 ft. in 40 sec. Mechanism weight: 38 lbs., amplifier: 11 lbs.


1081 Lexington Avenue New York 21, N. Y.

Phono-Trix Recorder $99.95

Suitable for voice recording
Variable speed transistorized West German portable tape recorder that operates on four flashlight batteries for 50 recording hours. Speeds variable from 1 to 8 ips. Recording time is 30 minutes on each track of 3" reel of tape at 1 ips. Playback through microphone or speaker. Fast rewind. Color-coded slide button operation. Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 3". Weight: 5 lbs. in case.


514 Broadway New York 12, N. Y

Fi-Cord Recorder $ 330.00

50-10,000 cycles (±3 db) at 7 1/2"/sec.
Dual speed, dual track portable tape recorder that operates on batteries. Speeds: 7 1/2 and 33/4 ips. Uses 3 1/2" reels that will record 36 minutes per track at 1 7/8 ips. Can be operated closed. Fast rewind. Recording level indicator; battery and motor indicator. Inputs: microphone and radio/phono. Output for external speaker. Wow and flutter: 0.4%. Noise level: 35 db. Dimensions: 9Ys x 5 x 2%. Weight: 4 1/2 lbs.


P.O. Box 7186 Tulsa, Okla.

Magnecord Model 100 Series Stereo Recorders

Mechanical Unit and Pre-amp only $ 469.95
Speaker Ampltfier $ 159.95

Mechanical Unit and Pre-amp only $ 449.95
Speaker Amplifier only $ 129.95

Unit only $ 255.00
Pre-amp only $ 165.00
Mechanical Unit and Pre-amp only $ 419.95

40-15,000 cycles at 7 1/2"/sec.
50-7,500 cycles at 3 3/4 "/sec.
New series of tape recorders for both stereo and monaural recording and playback. Two speeds: 7J/2 and 3J4 ips. Separate channel balance controls. Master level control. Individual VU meters for each channel. Four inputs: two microphone-high impedance unbalanced; two high level auxiliary for tuner, phono, tape. Outputs: two cathode follower, unbalanced. Binaural monitor phone jack. Recording indicator. Wow and flutter: less than 0.3%. Signal-to-noise ratio: more than 48 db. Distortion: 1% at 10-watt output. Formica cases available in walnut, blond and teak finishes. Add $ 55 for synchronous motor available for all models except the mechanical unit and pre-amp in portable case.

Magnecord Model 728 (Price upon request)
30-18,000 cycles (±2 db) at 15 "/sec.
40-15,000 cycles (±2 db) at 7 1/2"/sec.
50-10,000 cycles (±2 db) at 3 3/4"/sec.
New professional design portable for either stereo or monaural recording. Speeds: either 15 and 1Yl 'Ps or 7J/2 and 3% ips. Hysteresis synchronous motor. Electrical pay-off and take-up torques. Push-button controls. Tape position indicator. Can be supplied with full track, half track or stereo heads. Two VU meters. Separate record and playback amplifiers. Individual controls for record gain and master gain. Timing accuracy: ±3 seconds in 30 minutes. Signal-to-noise ratio: better than 50 db per channel. Wow and flutter: 0.1% at 15 ips, 0.15% at 7J/2 ips. Output: cathode follower. Input: two high impedance and two unbalanced bridges, two low impedance with plug-in transformer. Panel size: 17J/2 x 13 x 10". Weight: 40 lbs.

Magnecord Model N35-B Four Pole Motor $ 299.95
Magnecord Model NS35-B Hysteresis Synchronous Motor $ 349.95

Extended range to 12,000 cycles
Recorder and 8-watt power amplifier in composite carrying case. Tape speeds 7J/J and 3% ips by capstan change. Phone jack on front panel for monitoring. High impedance microphone furnished. High and low impedance outputs for feeding external system. Printed circuit record amplifier. Interlock prevents accidental tape erasure. 6" x 9" speaker. Illuminated VU meter. Panel size 8I/2" x 15". Weight: 40 lbs. Half-track heads standard.

Magnecord S36-B Recorder and Preamp.
with Case $ 415.00
Without Case $ 385.00

50-15,000 cycles (±2 db) at 15"/sec.
50-10,000 cycles (±2 db) at 71/1 "/see.
Single unit recorder and preamplifier for rack or portable mounting. Two-speed, single-track, with capstan speed change and hysteresis synchronous motor drive. Signal-to-noise, 50 db unweighted. Flutter, 0.3%. Rewind time, 40 sec. for 1200 ft. Erase and record/playback heads. VU meter for record and playback level. Phone jack for monitoring. Microphone and unbalanced bridging inputs. 600 ohm balanced or unbalanced line output. Weight: 40 lbs. in case.

Magnecord PT6-6A

Magnecord PT6-6A Monaural Recorder
Without Case Recorder $ 375
Amplifier $ 265 - Add $ 30 for case

50-15,000 cycles (±2db) at 15"sec.
50-7,500 cycles (±2db) at 7 1/2"/sec.
Portable, two-speed, single-track recorder with speed-change switch and hysteresis synchronous drive motor. Signal-to-noise, 50 db. unweighted. Flutter: 0.3% at 15"/sec, 0.4% at lYi'lsec. Rewind time, 40 sec. for 1200 ft. with automatic tape lift. Erase and record/playback heads. VU meter for bias, record and playback level. Monitoring by 5" speaker and phone jack from tape or input. 10 watt power amplifier. Microphone and unbalanced bridging inputs. 4 and 16 ohm power outputs, 600 ohm line output.

Magnecord PT6 BA2 HZ Stereo Recorder
Without Case Recorder $450
Amplifier $495 - Add $45 for case

Binaural recording version of above. Same specifications except for three speeds (15, 7 1/2, 3 3/4 ips) with capstan change, 48db signal-to-noise ratio, and interchannel calibration circuit.

Magnecord P73

Magnecord P73 Tape Transport
with case $ 575
without case $ 535
with case $ 390
without case $ 345

50-15,000 cycles (±2db) at 15"/see.
50-10,000 cycles (±2db) at 7 1/2"/see.
Tape transport mechanism similar to above, but designed for use with P73-J amplifier instead of P75-C, permitting conversion of existing equipment to new, improved performance standards. Signal-to-noise, 50 db unweighted Microphone input, 50 to 250 ohms balanced or unbalanced. Unbalanced bridge input. Monitoring by 5" speaker and phone jack from tape or input. Amplifier, 600 ohm balanced line output, 4 or 16 ohm, 10 watt speaker output. For recorders with 50-cycle operation, add $75.

Magnecord P75

Magnecord P75 Tape Transport
with case $ 575
without case $ 535
Amplifier with case $ 305
without case $ 265

Magnecord Stereophonic P75 Tape Transport
with case $ 695
without case $ 655
Tape Transport with Matched Amplifiers
without case $ 1,185

40-15,000 cycles (±2db) at 15" /sec.
40-12,000 cycles (±2db) at 7 1/2"/sec.

Rack-mounted or portable full-track recorder with 10 1/2" reel capacity. Direct drive hysteresis synchronous motor. Push-button controls, instantaneous start and stop, failsafe brakes and tape break control. Signal-to-noise, 55 db unweighted. Flutter; 0.2% at 15"/sec, 0.25% at 7J/2"/sec. Rewind time, 100 sec. for 2400 ft. Timing accuracy, ± 3 sec. in 30 min. Separate erase, record and playback heads. VU meter for bias, record and playback level. Adjustable bias and high-speed cueing control. Microphone and unbalanced bridging inputs. Phone jack for monitoring from tape or input. 600 ohm unbalanced line output. For recorders with 50-cycle operation, add $75.

Magnecord M90

Magnecord M90 Tape Transport
with case $ 995
without case $ 935

with case $ 390
without case $ 360
Recorder/Amp. with case $ 1.375.-
without case $ 1.285.-
Recorder/Amp. and Console Cabinet, $ 1.450.-

30-15,000 cycles (±2db) at 15" /sec.
30-15,000 cycles (±4db) at 7 1/2"/sec.
Portable, professional-type two speed recorder/amplifier units, also available in console cabinet mounting. Electrically interlocked push-button controls. Direct-drive hysteresis synchronous motor. Separate erase, record and playback heads - interchangeable assemblies for full track, half-track or instrumentation. Instantaneous start and stop, automatic tape lift. Separate record and playback amplifiers for simultaneous monitoring from tape. High speed cueing control. Signal-to-noise, 58 db unweighted. Flutter: 0.1% at 15"/sec, 0.15% at 7l/27sec. Rewind time, 55 sec. for 2400 ft. VU meter for bias, record and playback level. 50 or 250 ohm balanced or unbalanced microphone input, balanced or unbalanced bridge input. Line output, 600 ohms balanced or unbalanced.

Magnecord 817DLX (14" reels)

Magnecord 817DLX Long Term Record Unit $ 1.814.-
50-10,000 cycles at 7 1/2"/sec.
50-5,000 cycles at 3 3/4"/sec.

A long term storage recorder that is completely automatic in operation. This single channel, two-speed, record/playback machine is designed to operate continuously for at least 8 hours (14" reels - 4800 feet of tape). To avoid any loss of recording information, the erase head has been eliminated. Will record and playback one track in the left-to-right direction, automatically reverse, record and replay the second track in the other direction. It will start and stop on voice signals.



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