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Zum Auffrischen und Schmunzeln . . .

. . . sind diese Museums-Seiten hier gedacht, denn viele wissen nicht mehr oder noch nicht, wie es damals angefangen hat und wie das wirklich funktioniert mit den Tonband- und den Magnetbandgeräten aus alter Zeit. Viele Bilder können Sie durch Anklicken vergrößern, auch dieses.

Stellavox Serie 8

Es sollte den Nagras das Wasser abgraben, doch der Markt war schon satt und die Reserven des Herrn Quellet gingen zu Ende. 19cm/s und Stereo in edelster Qualität und sogar mit 26er Spulen, doch es hatte nicht gereicht ...... zum Überleben.

Dem Techniker ging das Herz auf, denn die Stellavox Geräte waren technisch "schön".

Und die waren robust, wie die Nagras aus dem vollen Aluminium "geschnitzt". Dennoch waren sie damit recht schwer gegenüber den aufkommenden Konkurrenten aus Japan, die mit ganz edlen Kunststoffen Gewicht einsparen konnten.


Die technischen Daten waren beeindruckend, konnten diese kleinen Maschinen doch nahezu genauso viel wie die großen Telefunken oder Studers. Und was man auch nur anfassen konnte, es war silber glatt eloxiert und einfach nur edel, wie bei den Nagras auch.

Hier ein Einblick auf die englischen Texte und Sprüche im Prospekt:

The only battery operated professional tape recorder offering all the following facilities in one compact unit:


- compact, slim and lightweight
- preadjusted modular plug-in headblocks for mono and stereo
- optional plug-in: 50/60 Hz crystal; 50/ 60 Hz synchroniser
- balanced line outputs; 48 V converter for phantom microphones
- two microphone inputs switched for any dynamic or condenser types
- two controlled line inputs, adaptable to microphones
- two fixed level mixer inputs
- fully modular construction
- optional <real-time> encoder
- exceptional modulation reserve
- very low power drain for long battery or accumulator life

The most interesting feature of this exclusive modular system is, by simple interchange, to select another norm (for instance: mono or stereo) by placing the corresponding, pre-adjusted, headassembly (SHD) onto the recorder. The combination of the two channels (mono or stereo) is given by simple switching.


The tape-transport is ensured by means of a servo-motor with very little inertia (thus almost no gyroscopic effect) directly on the capstan. The new motor has a very high efficiency for low power drain.


Electronic switching allows the selection of three speeds: 3,75, 7,5 and 15 i.p.s. (any speed from abt. 1,5 to 24 i.p.s. with our accessory type ASV), as well as remote-controlled start-stop. The headassem-blies SHD can receive up to four heads: erase, record, pilot and playback for several standards: mono full-track, mono two-track, stereo half- or quarter-track. The headassemblies always include the equalisations and premagnetizations for the selected norm, tape-brand and speed. On request, a selector is incorporated, allowing equalisations for two speeds, for instance 15 and 7,5 i.p.s.


The synchronisation can be done according to several norms: pilot-neo (or Perfectone), but even better according to the Synchrotone-norm with perfect specifications, particularly well adapted for Real-Time-Coding systems thanks to the broad frequency response and insignificant crosstalk. The optional plug-in SQS synchroniser allows sync, playback without external accessory.


Despite its low weight and small dimensions, the SP 8 offers simplicity of operation. With 15 alcaline cells it is possible to get more than 12 hours of recording time. The flexibility of the system is further improved by the several optional built-in modules available: crystal generator 50/60 Hz, synchroniser, line output transformers for mono or stereo, and so on, as well as with the complete line of accessories, like for instance the ABR which allows the use of big reels of up to 12 inches on the recorder.

Mike connectors: Cannon male, Cannon female, Tuchel, to choice.

Ein riesiges Programm an Zubehör Modulen

Der Inhaber und Chef der Firma hatte nur eine ganz kleine Schar von begeisterten Getreuen. Man sagt ihm nach, er war ein einsames Genie aber nicht einfach zu nehmen. Und eine angebahnte Kooperation mit Kudelski Sen. nach dem ersten Konkurs ging auch in die Brüche, Welten trafen da aufeinander. Kudelski war erfolgreich, Quellet war ein Genie, und beide waren sehr von sich überzeugt.

Die Module zur Stellavox SP8 (Accessories and plug-in modules)

This professional selfcontained mixer is as small as the Sp 8 recorder and conceived along the same modular principle offering thus the advantages of high performance, as well as multiple possibilities. See separate leaflet

It supplies, off any AC mains, the filtered and stabilised DC current necessary for the feeding of all the battery-operated STELLAVOX equipments. It allows also the simultaneous recharge of Ni-Cad accumulators, placed in the equipments. As a general rule, it can be said that one APS 8 is needed per machine.

stabilised voltage: 22 V maximum current: 250 mA charging current: 60 mA mains (50/60 Hz): 110 V to 260 V, weight: 0,6 kg dimensions: 5x5x17 cm3 protections: 2 fuses and 1 thermal switch controls: 1 light POWER 1 light CHARGE

These nickel-cadmium elements are selected, leakproof, without maintenance, and have a capacity of more than 500 mAh. They offer several hundred cycles charge-discharge, so that the high purchase price is quickly paid back with intensive use. These elements are furthermore very reliable since they even work at low temperatures (-4° F), which is not the case with the usual dry cells.

This accessory is fitted with professional contacts to receive 15 accumulators for their recharge (together with the APS 8) outside the tape recorder.

Connected between any dynamic (or ribbon-type) microphone and its cable, this unit amplifies the usually weak signal at the source, bringing it with high level and low impedance into the microphone cable. This will improve the signal-to-noise ratio considerably, especially in cases where long microphone leads are being used and exposed to all types of interferences. The APA has an active balanced circuit and is fed 12 V parallel.

input: balanced 200 ohms gain: approx. 20 dB distortion: < 0,1%, weight: 0,1 kg, dimensions: 0 2,5x 10 cm3, sockets: Cannon or DIN, source impedance: approx. 10 ohms, response: 20 to 20000 Hz ± 1 dB

This attenuator is connected between any dynamic or 12 V parallel-fed condenser- microphone and the cable; it reduces the signal by 10 or 20 dB, depending on the model chosen. It is necessary when the microphone signal is so strong that there is a danger of saturating the preamplifier of the recorder (which may have a built-in wired attenuation).

This unit is equipped with an automatic level control, allowing the recording of a commentary on the synchrotone track of the Sp 8 recorder, simultaneously with the pilottone.

It allows the required amplification, frequency correction (RIAA) and impedance matching between a magnetic system and both line inputs of the Sp 8 recorder. The ATA 8 is stereophonic.

This accessory, designed for the Sp 8 recorder, converts one of its adjustable line inputs into a microphone input (only for dynamic microphones). The AMA D is simply connected between the microphone cable (the AMA D is available for Cannon male, Cannon female or Tuchel cable) and the <AUX> plug of the Sp 8 by a special cable (code: CMA).

gain: 42 dB distortion: < 0,05% supply: 1 5 to 25 V DC, weight: 0,07 kg dimensions: 0 2,2x 10 cm3 response: 20 to 20000 Hz ± 1 dB power drain: approx. 5 mA

TheSp 8 recorder accepts a slim bottom base containing the encoding electronics according to either EBU standard.

This unique modular STELLAVOX system, designed 1967, may be delivered in different configurations according to your requirements, for instance:
MONO = M (1) MONO PILOT-NEO = MPN (2) STEREO = S (3) STEREO PILOT SYNCHROTONE = SPS (4), for any speed and/or equalisation, also switched (5), and many other (6).

The ALP 8 adds to the multiple possibilities of the tape recorder Sp 8 by changing the two adjustable <line>-inputs into <microphone>-inputs, which puts up the number of separately adjustable microphones to four. Each way includes a switch <music-speech> and a three position selector providing, in addition to the dynamic circuit, the supply of phantom 12 V or phantom 48 V (option with converter) and parallel 12 V. An internal bridge allows 0, -10 or -20 dB attenuation for the gain of the condenser microphones. The ALP 8 is simply connected between the microphone cables (it is available for Cannon male, Cannon female or Tuchel cables) and the <AUX> plug of the Sp 8 by a special cable (code: CMA).

gain: 42 dB, distortion: < 0,05%, supply: 1 5 to 25 V DC, weight: 0,6 kg, dimensions: 3,5x12x15 cm3,
response: 20 to 20000 Hz ± 1 dB, bass cut: 12 dB/oct. below 100 Hz, power drain: approx. 8 mA

. The direct drive motor-capstan system of the Sp 8 and its electronic regulation allow a simple overall speed control, discrete or continuous, over four octaves, by the ASV. Useful for tricks, etc.

A simple, light and compact accessory, allowing the use, without compromise of the performances of the tape transport, of magnetic tape reels up to 12" diameter. Very useful for concerts, theater, lectures, instrumentation, and also for broadcast-mobile units.

May be installed on any STELLAVOX tape recorder; indicates seconds at the tape speed 15 ips and 2 seconds at 71/2 ips; up to 999.

The leather shoulder ALS strap may be fixed directly to the recorder, but we recommend the use of the beautiful black leather carrying case ALC which protects the recorder (or the mixer). Other accessories such as microphones, windscreens, stands, cables, and so on, upon request.

This plug-in module contains an HF precision quartz oscillator for 50/60 Hz; an audio oscillator for the clapper and a pilot signal play-back amplifier. For all conventional sync, applications.

Offers the functions of the SXQ with built-in playback synchroniser. May synchronize relative to crystal 50/60 or to ext. pilot or to line frequency (over APS 8). Very low drain complex circuits.

Die technischen Daten kommen hier:

Measured with modern magnetic tape according to professional standards, at a temperature of 68° F Mono Stereo Einheit
and tape speed of 7,5 i.p.s.      
Weight of the recorder 3,6   Kg
- with batteries, tape and carrying-case 4,6   Kg
Overall dimensions 8,3x21,5x27   cm3
Maximum reel diameter 13   cm
- with ABR accessory 30   cm
Speed stability ±0,1   %
- between -4 and +1 58° F ±1   %
Wow and flutter ±0,07 DIN   %
Fast motorised rewind -45 (/180 m)   s
Rewind current 70   mA
Built-in power supply: with 15 AA cells or accumulators (or external power supply) 15^25   V
Power consumption (average) 90^-110   mA
Double modulometer, with light ~ 10(-1 dB)   ms
Frequency response overall ± 2 dB 20-16.000 30-18.000 Hz
Total harmonic distortion at 1 kc/s with modulation at 514 nW/m < 2 < 2 %
Crosstalk overall at 1 kHz   >45 dB
Erase efficiency at 1 kHz >80 >80 dB
Signal to noise ratio with ASA A filter, relative to 514 nW/m 69 67 dB
- DIN-weighted 62 60 dB
- unweighted, 20 to 20'000 Hz 62 60 dB
- Mikes 1 and 2 (sym) 200   ohms
- Max. sensitivity 0,18   mV
Overload possibility +7,5 dB re +6 dB m (at the output)   dB
- For dynamic mikes and switchable supply for condenser mikes parallel and phantom fed,, separate switching, each 3 positions 12 (opt. 48)   V
- Mixer 1 and 2 1,55   V
- Pilot 0,5 4- 2   V
- Clapper + 10-^+20   V
- Lines 1 +2 with controls (or 2 additional micros with acc. ALP) 0,04 -h 12   V
(balanced with SOT 8) 1,55 + 4,4   V
  200 + 600   ohms
-Direct I + II (unbal.) 1,55 (max.) 3,8   V
- Pilot (and crystal with SXQ 123) 1 Vi,5   V
Crystal generator (SXQ 123) (or synchroniser SQS) frequency switchable 50 + 60   Hz
Range of the compressor 1,5 -f 40   mV
- Frequency response ± 1 dB 20 -f 20'000   Hz
- Distortion: input 20 mV <0,1   %
- Headphone adjustable    

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